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Welcome to www.gardencareproducts.com.au   – a Manutec website – for all the information required to maintain healthy soils and healthy nutrition to grow healthy plants.

Shelter, water & food are the basic needs for human & animals to survive and grow healthily; Similarly plants do need water, soil and nutrients (plant food) to grow healthily. Healthy soils and healthy nutrition are basics to grow healthy plants and are complementary to each other. By maintaining healthy soils you can eliminate half of the garden problems or poor plant growth and saves time & money. Growing plants from seeds to seedlings to matured plants is like raising kids to healthy adults. The analogy is quite similar to our lifestyle, having healthy atmosphere with healthy food & lifestyle, which reflects on our body health.

Our efforts here are to provide a comprehensive information for better understanding of the essentials of soil health and plant nutrition along with appropriate products to use which can enable you to achieve a fertile, caring & nutritious home for plants to grow healthily.

Manutec since its inception are strongly advocating the importance of soil health and plant nutrition and we take pride in strategically working towards developing innovative and quality products to educate and help gardeners in achieving healthy soils & healthy plants.

We hope that you will be benefited with the information browsing through this site, this site also have links to other product specific websites and pages for any further detailed information on individual product groups. In addition, should you have any specific inquiries please send us through as per contact page on the menu.

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