Soil health

Maintaining good soil health and providing adequate nutrients are basics of successful gardening and growing healthy Plants. When  plants don’t  look healthy and observe symptoms such as poor growth, yellowing, poor flowering and fruiting, curly and small leaves, hard and cracked soils, water logging  etc., all these would be result of either poor soil health or poor nutrition or combination of both.

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” Soils are alive, keep them healthy”

A Soil is considered  to be healthy and fertile when it is physically structured well, chemically balanced & biologically active. The common problems we notice in our gardens are as a result of soils being sick either physically, chemically or biologically.

  • Soil Physical health relates to good soil texture and structure which can provide better drainage, aeration, water & nutrient holding capacity etc. Click here to read more  on soil physical health and how to overcome common soil physical problems that occur in gardens.
  • Soil Chemical health relates to balancing soil pH to optimal level, adequate supply of quality nutrients low in salts such as sodium & chlorides etc.  Click here to read more on importance of Soil pH, testing soil pH and managing soil acidity & alkalinity.
  • Soil Biological health relates to enriching soils with adequate organic matter to enabling healthy reservoir for beneficial micro-organisms Click here to read more on how to keep soils biologically active?